Intelligent Shelving Library Systems

Intelligent Shelving

Using  Intelligent shelving library users can simply place item to be return on the shelf and they will be automatically checked-in. An information screen will display the number of items returned and the titles of the individual items. This offers library users a quick and easy way to return their library items. Watch the video below to see how it operates.









Your Benefits

  • Quick and easy check-in procedure for patrons
  • Separate check in area eliminating queues at Kiosks
  • Check in multiple items in one go
  • Immediate identification of reserve items
  • Intelligent trolley can be replace with empty trolley.
  • Checked in items are available immediately

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The intelligent shelf can be located anywhere but usually near the entrance will encourage patrons to check-in their returns on entering the library. The procedure is incredibly easy and by using this returns method the kiosks are left free for issuing items. This eliminates any queues at the kiosks and frees up space within the library.

The shelves can be built into the library furniture or they can be on portable trolleys. When a trolley is full it can simply be unclicked from the info terminal and moved into the library so that the items can be reshelved. In the meantime an empty trolley can be connected to the info terminal for more returns.

Every item is immediately check-in and this means that every item is available to be checked out. This increases circulation and reduces the amount of items for reshelving. Furthermore, reserve items are detected immediately and processed by the library staff. This reduces the time the reserve items are being processes and eliminates the need for rescanning for reserve items.

For more information or to see how intelligent shelving could be used in your library please give our Dublin office a call on 01 4299462 or use the contact us form.